GMS-1000 Glare Testing Instrument

Glare is one of the main factors affecting light environment health. At present, there are many different models for glare evaluation, use different evaluation models according to specific lighting application environment. According to the evaluation model of glare, glare evaluation needs to be based on several key physical parameters. In the actual field measurement and analysis, due to the influence of many factors such as environment, there are higher requirements for the performance of measuring instruments.

Gms-1000 glare measurement system equipment  is developed in CIE, en and GB standards, measuring the perception of simulated human eye to the brightness of light environment. It abandons the problems of aberration and image distortion in the large field of view of the fisheye lens measurement scheme, and avoids the problem of low resolution around the fisheye lens. Furthermore, the glare indexes such as UGR is analyzed and calculated to meet the field requirements of glare measurement and analysis of each lighting scene.

The equipment has high accuracy and stability in luminance measurement, and there is no aberration, image distortion and other problems. It can be widely used in glare analysis of indoor and outdoor lighting scenes, such as indoor, road, stadium and regional lighting, to achieve traceable, reproducible and comparable measurement.




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