PHOTOBIOLOGICAL SAFETY Blue Light Hazard Measurement

Optical Radiation Measurement
Optical radiation sources include artificial light sources and natural light radiation sources. Spectral radiation in the ultraviolet and infrared ranges of spectral radiation is a source of photobiological hazards that cause serious damage to the human eye and skin. Ultraviolet radiation is the main source of photobiological hazards. However, visible light (especially blue light) and infrared radiation are also detrimental when certain limits are exceeded. Compliance to IEC 62471 and IEC 14255

International standards and legal documents (EN/IEC 14255 and EN/IEC 62471) put an obligation on lighting equipment manufacturers to inform their users about the photobiological risks connected with using their products. This information is especially relevant to employers who are obliged to follow the legal regulations connected with light quality in a work place.
OHSP350B delivers a portable, laboratory grade instrument system which simplifies this complex measurement

Who is our solution for?

Lamp manufacturers labs to include evaluation of blue light hazards in standards compliance testing procedures
  • Photometric laboratories which want to extend their services with photobiological safety measurement system
  • Health and Safety professionals and scientists who have a need for optical radiation measurement outside laboratory such as onsite risk evaluation of industrial processes
  • What Can You Measure?
    Assessment of photobiological hazards generated by optical radiation emitted by lamps is a complex metrological problem, as it is necessary to perform spectroradiometric measurements and the measurement of effective quantities in a broad spectral range, which requires specialist calibrated measurement equipment. During tests of lighting equipment which are connected with photobiological safety – irradiance, effective irradiance and effective radiance must be measured to be able to identify all the hazards to eyes and skin.
    Blue Light Hazard Measurement in range 300 – 700nm
    For this application OHSP350B offers a compact laboratory spectrometer . This a specially calibrated instrument brings accurate data 380 – 780 nm, where the most dangerous blue light is present between 400 and 500 nm.
    Effective Values OHSP350B Spectrosoft is a dedicated software for OHSP350B Spectrometers which calculates: effective irradiance values EB, EBK, ES,  effective radiance values . OHSP350B Spectrosoft not only calculates and presents data in a clear to interpret way (charts/tables) but also generates reports.



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