Precise and Portable LED Flux Measurement Solution
Electric current, electronic drivers and terminal element may negatively affect lighting properties of LEDs and are a primary reason why measuring the performance of single LEDs may be necessary once they are installed on PCB. Everyday electronic developers involved in the LED lighting struggle with optimization of the LED output, modules, drivers, selecting optics etc.
Instead of selecting the most suitable LEDs for development projects based only on the features of a datasheet, more designers are moving towards spectrometer based systems that enable them to quickly and easily verify performance, check if samples are meeting specification and quickly confirm binning. With the more flexible systems, the total light output of LEDs can also be measured simply by placing a sphere on top of each LED.

    Who is our single LED measurement solution for?
  • Quality control of incoming LEDs delivered by various suppliers
  • Measurement of fiber optic sources like endoscopes and other 
  • Calibration of lighting fixtures made of many LEDs
  • Checking the influence of dimming
  • Testing diffusers or optics installed on LEDs
  • Monitoring changes of spectra, color or luminous flux
Incoming Inspection Metrics
When purchasing specific groups of LEDs from your supplier you can quickly check if they met your expectation regarding the luminous flux [lm] color coordinates [x,y] or color temperature CCT [K]. Using the Opti Sphere 48 integrating sphere with a spectroradiometer of your choice you may organize and simplify incoming quality control.

Development Critical Metrics
During the development of new LED modules and fixtures you can immediately check the influence of LED drivers, new PCB boards and other components which influence lighting properties of your products. Measuring LEDs before installing them on PCB helps to improve your products and optimizes prototyping.

Other standard measurement quantities:

  • Lumen – luminous flux
  • CRI – color rendering index according to the CIE
  • CCT – the color temperature according to standard CIE
  • Color – the chromatic coordinates of the CIE 1931 and CIE 1964
  • Fidelity and Gamut – method for evaluating light source color rendition according to TM-30 IES standard
  • PAR/PPF – photosynthetic active radiation measurements for horticulture
  • mWatt – radiation energy
  • + many more!



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