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Using Human Eye to Identify the Differences of Light Source

Since the LED outcome from production line are not always the same, and most of the time human eye cannot identify the difference between the light sources. How can LED manufacturers sort out the LED products? And if you are going purchase a numbers of LED light source. How do you ensure that the goods you buy are meeting the criteria? OHSP350 handheld spectrometer can provide accurate measurement data to help to see the difference human eye cannot see. Using Human Eye to Identify the Differences of Light Source

Do You Care About the Slightly Difference in Light Color?

Imagine, can you distinguish between the two different color temperatures of 3000K and 3500K with your eyes? Perhaps you can feel the difference, but to tell an accurately CCT for which bulb is 3000K and 3500K? Maybe, and it is required experiences to do so. Therefore, what you get are LEDs of varying colors and quality, hundreds of thousands of them. But, who's going to notice if your white lights are slightly yellow. Well, people and places do notice, libraries and schools, museums and exhibitions, restaurants and cafes, department stores and boutiques, stage productions and entertainment, aquariums and zoos, agriculture and botany... and why because lighting is important. Do You Care About the Slightly Difference in Light Color?

Allowing Buyers to Evaluate while Sellers Validate

All LED Bulb Companies create deep channels in the LED market through distributors, agents, wholesale and retail stores, all of whom need to compare and evaluate LED light and color quality as never before. Even end users such as factories, libraries, museums, department stores will become savvier about LEDs and agents must be prepared to validate LED quality offsite with a reliable, precision meter. These same meters are also providing invaluable at lighting exhibitions, allowing buyers to evaluate while sellers validate. Allowing Buyers to Evaluate while Sellers Validate

Settling the Dispute Between

LED Chip, LED Assembly and LED Bulb manufacturers there big three manufacturing arms of the LED industry are not without occasional disagreements. The OHSP350 series handheld spectrometers are often used to settle differences in light quality between companies. In one case, an LED bulb maker used the OHSP350 color spectrum to reveal a flaw in the Blue peak, showing abnormal double horns, settling a dispute between Semiconductor Company and the assembly company.



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